Urbana Pedestrian Plan Spring 2017 Public Input Report

During the Spring of 2017, CCRPC and the City of Urbana hosted ten public input opportunities to gather public input on walking in Urbana for the development of the Urbana Pedestrian Master Plan.  Materials made available included an existing conditions presentation, comment card, walking preferences survey, and a walking trips activity.

The Urbana Pedestrian Master Plan Spring 2017 Public Input Report was completed in October 2017.  It compiles and summarizes all of the aforementioned public input.

CCRPC staff, City of Urbana staff, and the Urbana Bicyclist and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) are now developing goals and objectives for this plan.  Recommendations will also be developed using this input.  To be notified about the next public meeting planned for November 2017, please contact Gabe Lewis.

Thanks to the people who provided input in Spring 2017!


  1. The University has a major Safety problem with students texting and walking in the street, many times stepping in front of traffic. I have driven a bus for almost 24 years and the situation has become much worse in the last couple years. There needs to be a SERIOUS SAFETY CAMPAIGN to teach these students Not to text in the street. Just today a student stepped off my bus, began texting as soon as his feet hit the pavement and stepped right in front of a car from the crossing street. The car which was going probably 30 mph swerved and barely missed him by inches. If the student would have been hit he would of been critically injured or killed.

    These students are walking in back of box trucks, semis, and other delivery trucks as they back up and are texting. They are also texting and walking through construction zones.

    Just one bus trip through campus during a class change today I counted 25 people texting in the street and not paying attention to their surroundings. Many are wearing ear buds and are NOT paying attention. It’s sad to say but it is only a matter of time before a student or students are killed from Not paying attention and stepping in front of traffic. This is a very dangerous situation and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. There are hundreds of near misses with students every day on or near campus. PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your valuable feedback Tim. I want to respond and let you know that pedestrian safety is of utmost importance to the University. Many campus colleges, units, and departments participate in distributing safety messaging across campus to bring awareness to these efforts for students, faculty, and staff. The University is committed to making improvements to its roadways to promote safety for all modes of transportation and reducing multi-modal conflicts.

      Lily Wilcock
      Active Transportation Coordinator

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